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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Intermediate Work - Small Kitchen Stool

Cutting pieces for creating the stool.
June 25-26th 2012

Still navigating and making some purchases.  I bought some minis from the Dolls House Emporium and they arrived fairly quickly.  The objects are a bit big but I can adjust as usual to fit where I need them.  I did find a great handled bucket that will be the coal bucket (since I just couldn’t find a smaller version in the right scale of a real coal bucket...) 

Also, I have been looking at lots of sites and pictures of Japan or other miniatures.  I came across these cute little stools with woven seats.  So, of course, I put more time in and found how to actually weave this seat.  On this site, there are lots of explanations on how to weave chair seats.  I went back and forth whether or not I wanted to use kitchen string or cotton crochet thread.  I figured in the long run the string was best since it’s stronger and easier to weave.  I think it looks very nice in the kitchen.
Weaving test.  I ended up having to let the glue set up overnite as the weaving was distorting the legs.

Weaving done.  Just had to add additional bottom rungs.

Stool in the kitchen.  I think it's very cute.

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