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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Casa di Bambola in Stile Giapponese

Back in February of 2008, Italians were subjected to commercials advertising “La Casa di Bambola in Stile Giapponese”. They promised that the entire house would be built from scratch - no precut wooden panels that have to fit together like a puzzle.  Instead it would have lots of precut pieces but each piece would be constructed into the final house - a 3 story mid 20th Century Japanese household in 1:20 scale.  So, traditional yet fairly modern.  There would be a TV set along with an indoor spa, kitchen, bedroom, phone booth....
Given that I have dreamt of having my own doll’s house since I was a child, but I really wanted to build one more than buy one, this seemed like finally the opportunity I had been waiting for.
The cost would be considerable.  120 installments over a two year period were promised.  The first was sold for Euro 5.99 but all the subsequent installments would be Euro 17.98.  That meant that once said and done, the entire house would be pretty costly.  But I figured, what the hell.  Even if I don’t live long enough to actually build the damn thing, I should at least try to fulfill a dream.
And so, here finally in January of 2012 (one and a half years after I actually finished collecting and paying off all the pieces for the house), I have decided to begin it and to post my progress.  Sure, it may take me at least another two years just to finish it, but it’ll be fun in the process.
I hope you enjoy it (and I hope I do too)!

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