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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Intermediate Work - Porch Repair, MiniaturItalia Minis Show

February 8-13 2013

First of all, many apologies for not having posted any news here for some time.  I had so many Halloween decorations (and houses) to build. Then we got into Thanksgiving which, believe it or not, I do here in Italy (my Italian friends have come to expect it - this year I even did a Gordon Ramsay turkey which was fab), then we got into Christmas.  Given it takes me a full two days just to put up my tree, well, suffice to say that I lost my concentration on the ryokan house project.  Not to say that I haven’t been mini-ing in the meantime.

I’ve made a few purchases during my “vacation”.  I found a lovely Coca-cola cooler for the front foyer (which I aged a bit and then stuck a few Japanese Coke adverts on and around it), plus a few purchases such as eggs and baskets and wooden serving trays.  All objects that will be used in the service and cooking for my ryokan guests. But more to be added later.
Open coke cooler with lots of ice and bottles

Few adverts attached.

 I finally removed the right front porch which had been annoying me since I had actually installed it.  I filled the holes with some wood putty and then redrilled and repositioned in the hopes of diminishing the large listing difference to the left hand porch.  Altho it’s not perfect, it’s better than it was.  So, it’ll have to do.
Filled in the holes with some wood putty
Re-positioned and drilled. 
Reduced list - matches somewhat better
I also attended my first miniature fair.  It was held in Milan, Italy this past weekend.  It was great to get away and fun to spend a few hours walking around the fair.  Since my needs are very specific, I only ended up spending around €60 which isn’t much I admit.  But if I feel I can make something myself, then I just can’t bring myself to buy it.  I did end up spending on a vintage Baseball Board Game (another project I have in mind) and a dyecast cash register which was very nice.  For the ryokan, I found a perfectly tiny hand brush to be used for cleaning up coal and carbon dust in the kitchen.  The other brush was a 1/12 scale and much too large.  Not to worry.  I cut it and sanded and glued a skewer on it and made myself a broom for the house.  Perfect !  
1/12 hand brush before reuse

Cut hand broom, sanded and attached a skewer for a handle
Finished broom and hand brush on the coal bucket
I found some beautiful raku style pottery which will fit in the Japanese style.  The pieces were extra special and really well priced.  I also located a wonderful marble cutting board/platter from a vendor who makes gorgeous marble minitaures.  And the final purchase which was just too cute to pass up was a miniature posable Panda bear.  Simply fabulous!!!
My mini purchases.
Little panda bear on the bed

Hopefully I am now back into the groove of building and things will begin to progress once again.  I have long since passed my 1st year anniversary of the build and considering I’ve neglected the build for a good 3 months, things are not so bad as they may seem.  So many ideas have formed in these months, I can assure you.  Lots to follow !


  1. It's nice to see you back to showing your minis, I understand how life gets in the way. Great coke cooler, love the pottery and marble board.

    I recently played a Nancy Drew game that is set in a Ryokan, it was alot of fun. Here's a link
    if you are interested

    1. Wow! How cute is that. I didn't even know they made PC Game episodes for Nancy Drew Mysteries. I used to read them when I was a young girl.
      Yeah, I missed mini-ing.... The marble board is made here in Italy. Really wonderful pieces. They had even marble sinks and full wall tiles for bathroom walls or floors. Wonderful stuff !