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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chapter 62 - The Floor, Back Wall and Left Wall of the Second Floor Right Hand Room

Painting the walls and waiting for it to dry...

April 10 - 11th 2013

Working on the room, biggest time consuming job was just the painting.  The back wall needed the external buttermilk color while the inside walls needed white.  I decided to make the back internal wall red since it gets pretty much hidden under the tokonoma and since I would have the contrasting black pavement plus some furnishings which would look quite exotic in there.  Once the painting was done, I had to get to work on the installation of the sliding door posts and attaching everything to the underside of the floor.  The actual room floor would be covered in the tatami mats previously made so I didn’t have to paint anything there.

The underside of the floor.

Adding the wooden trim to the back wall - even if it will be removed later.

Fitting each wall was pretty easy but before I did that, I decided to fit the sliding door (fusuma) supports and door jams.  They are always difficult to fit and require some coaxing and hammering so I put them in before actually attaching the wall to the floor supports.  It worked out well.  The back external wall had the usual trim but since I will eventually screw some back metal supports between the first and second floor to give the whole house some stability should it need to be moved, I just slightly glued some of the trim in place.  That way, I can remove it easily in future during the re-enforcement installation.

Finished up with the upper wall wooden embellishments (which basically support the ceiling once it goes in) by using the little plastic clamps to force the pieces into place.  That or a hammer will do the trick. 

Squishing trim into a slot that it won't go into easily, hence the clamp for extra leverage.

Finished wall installation.  Love the red !

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  1. Hello Peggy,
    The color contrast is superb. It is coming along beautifully. The structure itself is wonderful to look at.
    Big hug,
    p.s. I promise the peacocks will be ready soon ;)