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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Chapter 76b - The Walls and Floor to the Right Side Porch

February 26th - 2nd March 2014

This chapter is the support pieces and flooring to the right side porch which connects to the shōji I had already constructed in a previous chapter.  So, I had to paint the porch pieces (both external and internal) before proceeding with the construction.  I decided to use red on one wall to match up with the room wall with red in it.  I had already imagined which scroll I was going to hang on that wall anyway so it was just a matter of figuring out which piece was the one that fit on the right side of the porch.  As usual, painting and waiting for paint to dry is never fun.  But once done, I started on constructing the porch.

Painting and drying....BOOORING!
 I also had to make the “wood floor” which I’ve done previously so I won’t explain how here again.  Suffice to say that I did make the boards broader (7mm instead of 5mm) also because I had already made them broader in the other porch too.  I figured the landings would have finer boards, but the porches would be a little more “rustic”.  Anyway, it was easier to paint them too since I have a 4mm flat brush which fits perfectly into the board widths for painting differing colors of brown.  That done I could now proceed in assembling the porch.

7mm boards ready for varnishing.
As usual, there were some fitting issues but overall I managed to compensate and fit everything in where it needed to go.  Some areas do show gaps.  I’m not sure why this side was such a lousy fit.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist but not to the point of ruining my fun so I just pretty much left the gaps as is.  I don’t think they will compromise the stability of the porch anyway. At least I hope not. 

Gluing and clamping the sides.
The one red wall on the porch. The floor "fitted".
The weird gap.  I have no idea why this piece was so reluctant to fit.
 The next step will be fitting the last two shōji, the outside windows and the roof.  Should the spaces not be stable enough for that work, it will show (when the whole thing just comes apart! haha!).
Finished porch. Just needs the last shōji, external windows and the roof.

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