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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Intermediate Work : A Salted Fish Container

Inspiration from the "How to wrap five eggs..." book.
June 6th - 8th 2014

I had found some time ago this book called “How to Wrap Five Eggs: Traditional Japanese Packaging” and although I really wasn’t interested in purchasing the book since there were no instructions therein, I really enjoyed the inspiration from the photos.  I had already been inspired to make the egg wrapper but I also saw other small objects that I wanted to try to make as well.

I used some leftover tatami matting to fashion the small box.  The box seems to hold salted fish or something.  It seems that fish were preserved mostly thru salting so my box would be for that.  I spread glue over the ends to be sure the tatami wouldn’t unravel and cut a few slim pieces of wood for the sides.  I used a black marker pen to simulate the stitching over the bamboo.  I then had to glue the box into shape and used small paper clamps to keep things in place.  I wrapped a small piece of cotton thread (dipped in some glue to harden it a bit and adhere it to the box) and added a small piece of wood to the front as a closing pin. 
Piece of tatami stained brown and with black pen to simiulate the threads.
Small pieces of scrap wood and gluing into shape.
The box closed.
Now all I need is to purchase some more of Angie Scarr’s fish!!
Some of Angie Scarr's gorgeous fish. 

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