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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Dust Pans and....

April 6 2017

Wow! Been a while or what?

I went back to work full time in June of 2015 and life has been very hectic and tiring.  My MS hasn't acted up much but I am constantly fatigued.  I leave at 8:30 am and get back home around 7pm.  The good news is that I have a stable contract now and a raise (which is paying for gas really as it's pretty far traffic-wise) but with a 90 minute lunch break (so Italian) I have been finishing tons of old cross stitch projects after eating my lunch.  Pretty satisfying!  I kind of wish I could bring my minis to work.
My dog Sammy when he was a puppy.

Now he is going on 14! But I finished the cross stitch of him.

So, I don't know what bit me the other day to try and start my new project (the Orangery Tea Room) and I got to looking at my ryokan and remembered there were a few little things to add.  So, with some extra energy today (instead of cleaning bathrooms and mopping) here I am!

Inspiration Pic of the little dust bins in cheap wood.

I had the original pages from the ryokan instructions with lots of ideas of little things to add and I wanted to make these little dust pans to put one in the kitchen with the broom I repurposed from a 1/12 dustpan brush so I found leftovers and did just that.  Cute and nice to do something after such a long break.  Feels good!
Leftover bits to make the bins.

Finished bins. Bigger one for out back in the garden, small one for the kitchen.

With the broom in place.  I suppose they do as much sweeping as I do in my real house!
 I really would like to add still a 1/20 bicycle out back (vintage with old baskets to go grocery shopping) but I think I will just have to wait to discover a suitable bike.  Been searching on the net for a while but will have to try a model shop when I get back stateside.

Well, that's all for now.  Hope you may check out my new project as this ones seems pretty much complete..... yet....nothing is ever complete.

UPDATE: 10 JULY 2018

Well, my Sammy finally succumbed to cancer.  He did very well considering he was doing chemo beginning last year after he had surgery to remove tumors.  They gave him only a few months and if it weren't for the size of the last abdominal tumor that developed end June, he would have gone on a bit longer. He was still very lucid and hungry :-). The tumor was just so quick growning (from a golf ball to a soft ball in 10 days) and creating difficulty for him in daily life. I was so glad he chose to stick with us for so long. What a good boy! 

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