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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Intermediate Work : Ceiling Lantern, Produce Basket for Tomatoes

Using a jewelry saw or a hand drill for making holes
Crochet thread and lots of diluted glue to cover the outside
Ikea lamp for insipiration.
July 21st - 29th 2012

Since I started the house, I have also started looking for everyday objects or hardware store stuff that could be used to make something in the house.  I came across a tutorial to make a ceiling lamp from a ping pong ball so I was on the lookout for some cheap ping pong balls.  Here, Dime Store Chinese run department stores are everywhere so last week, whilst doing my grocery shopping, I stopped by one of them.  There, I found 6 ping pong balls for €1 and also six plastic sink filters for the same price.  One became my lantern and the other a produce basket.

The lantern just needed some holes and a bit of crochet thread sort of draped around it, then covered in parchment calligraphy rice paper to simulate the lantern.  And the filter I cut down and then used some more crochet thread to weave a sort of rustic design into it.  A little paint and some small scale tomatoes and voila! More food stuff for the kitchen.

Detail of the ceiling lamp.

The sink filter, cut away and woven with crochet cotton.

A bit of color and some mini tomatoes

Produce in the kitchen.
 Eventually, I will return to the build....but still I have a few more embellishments to add to the existing rooms. 

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