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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Intermediate Work - Flowers and Flower Boxes

Tiny petals attached to tiny wire
June 27th - July 18th 2012

I came across two really cute ideas for making flowers or plants for the dollhouse.  The first came from a blog with some printable flowers, leaves and petals.  Putting those into 1/20 scale was really difficult.  Not only, I had to find the right size wire to glue the little petals too.  If you’re working in a 1/12 these pages are great for making some nice house plants.

I then came across, again thru Pinterest, a tutorial page with fantastic stuff.  I was interested in making little flower boxes for the ground floor windows. 

I used some leftover pieces and glued them together rather quickly.  I then weathered them a bit with some paint, wax and sand paper and fit in some florist sponge to stick the flowers into. 
Leftover wood is great!

Painted, weathered and floral sponged.

At first I thought that I’d sprinkle some “dirt” over the green sponge but using glue to make it stick only makes the floral sponge hard - then you can’t insert the flowers into it.  So I had to resort in the end to just filling the box up with as much stuff as possible to hide the sponge.

The geranium tutorial you can find here.  It’s just a matter of patience and time but they are quite nice upon completion.  I used a mouse pad and toothpick for shaping the petals and the leaves (which I found here) and then just glued around the geraniums to fill it in.  The pink petals I purchased at a dollhouse store.
Soak green construction paper to make a spit ball! Then let it harden overnite. This is the flower base.
Use a hole punch and punch out some red construction paper.  Wet it, then push the toothpick in the center. Use a mousepad underneath so that the paper will fold in on itself.  Then let the petals dry.
Dip the petals in glue, then with the tweezers, apply them to the green spit ball. 
Fill the flowers as much as possible, then let dry.
Cut out the leaves....
Crease them with the toothpick.  This will make them look more realistic on the plant.
Then I had to make some leave fillers.  Just wire with leaves on them.
One of the finished boxes.
The finished box attached to the kitchen window.
The idea of the box is that it is suspended by a metal rod under the window.  So, even if you can’t see it clearly, I did paint a skewer stick silver then glued some bits on the outer edges to simulate a rod going thru the box. 

I just love the geraniums !

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