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Monday, August 20, 2012

Chapter 51 - Back Wall to Right Porch Area First Floor

August 18 - 20th 2012

After a few months, back attacking the actual build of the house.

The section on the right is identical to the one on the left.  Perhaps for this reason I wasn’t really looking forward to doing it because it becomes somewhat “routine” (like the tatamis) and less fun.  The fun bit of the build is actually figuring out new things and different sections.  Since I cannot really invent something here, it was a bit boring the idea of repeating myself but here I am.

To start as usual, I laid out all the pieces after cleaning them up and sanding them.  Then I had to stain the structural pieces and paint the wall pieces.  I continued with the bamboo room’s green wall theme and split the two panels into two colors.  A little more interesting I think and they would match up with the actual room’s walls.

...painting, clamping...


Elastics, clamps and hammers...
The rest of the pieces just had to fit together like a puzzle.  Since I had already done this once before, it was easy to find all the pieces and how they fit but difficult to actually make them fit.  Most of the pieces are a little wide for the slots they have to fit into.  Lots of hammering into place and changing the order of the actual placement because of it.  It was easier to hammer in small pieces than once they were put together on the frame.  I think I sanded off quite a bit as well.  There was really no other solution since I had to be sure the sliding windows would match up later when they get installed (as well as the two porch sides meeting up more or less in the middle once closed).
Sanding to fit the slots

Did complete tho in the space of a few days (also because it was so hot, I really didn’t fee like working much on the house during the day - just in the evening).

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