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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chapter 56b - The First Floor Stairs (lower section and landing)

March 27th - 28th 2013

This is the first of two chapters for the stair installation to the 2nd floor.  The structure is fairly complex (not just a straight forward stairway to the next floor) made up of landings.  So even if I only have one more floor to add, there are two sets of stairs and an intermediate landing.

The stairs go together fairly quickly.  Thing is that putting them together is easy but after when it comes time to fit them, they will probably have to be sanded a bit and then repainted again.

I have already painted and varnished the stairs so whatever ends up having to be fixed will require less painting since once they are in place, the fit is quite tight and hard to work in such a limited space. 
Stair risers....

...and treads being placed.

Heavy coats of lumpy varnish.

I noticed that my gloss varnish has gotten all lumpy.  I’ve had to add water to it.  I mean, I have used quite a bit of it and admittedly over a year has gone by so I suppose everything really does have a shelf life.  Whatever.  It’s still nearly full so I am not spending money on another jar.  Will just double up on coats of paint.
Lumpy gloss paint, thinned with water. Pretty yucky.

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