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Monday, July 29, 2013

Intermediate Work - Installation of the House onto the Pavement

Setting up the pavement onto the table.
July 26th - July 29th 2013

The next part was to install the pavement I so painstakingly created.  Again, my theory was to screw the pavement on top of a table (which I purchased at Ikea for like 20 euro) so that if one day I wanted to move the house to a new location, I would just unscrew it from the table and re-install it somewhere else.

That said, I measured out the table and the pavement and screwed it into place.  Amazingly, only two screws were needed and it’s pretty fairly centered.  My plan is to get some thin trim board to cover the edges of the pavement board but since I still have a lot to build, I can’t see doing esthetic work now.  Will do it at the end.  One of the two screws is uncovered so I covered that with some of the grass granules.

Installing the right drill bit.

Right hand screw installed.  Will be covered over with grass.

Left hand screw.  Will be covered over with grass adhesive sheet.

 The next job was emptying the house of fragile pieces.  I took out the pieces that were not held in place by the wax adhesive.  There were quite a few actually.  Other stuff I was just afraid it could be damaged during the transfer of the house onto the pavement. 

Fragile stuff taken out for safety reasons.
I had to wait a few days for my son to help me transfer the house (he had full immersion baseball weekend) but finally I managed to get the house transferred onto its base.  The bottom floors open easily and just have to wait till the small amount of glue I used on the underside fixes the house somewhat.  The sidewalk painting needs some touch ups in the back and on the side but not too concerned since the base of the house is the same color as the back sidewalk.  Looking pretty nice I think.
House in place.  Now at least we can add onto it without fear of having to transfer it when it's heavier.

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