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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Intermediate Work: Adding a Light Screen and Making a Wooden Bucket

July 31st - August 3rd 2013

Technically, the light screen was an idea I got from someone else’s treatment of the tokonoma area and I pulled that off in an evening while my sister was visiting here in May.  Just that between visiting Berlin, then deciding to attack the pavement project, I never got around to installing the screen and taking some pictures of it.  But here it is.  It was just a matter of cutting out some small wooden frames, painting them and glueing them onto some printed parchment paper.  The buddha statue I got some time ago as well but this is the room I had planned to put it in.  I will probably create some orchids or ikebana behind the statue.  That’ll be done once the room is actually installed onto the house.
The screen installed and back lit.
I saw a bucket tutorial on pinterest and decided also here to make my own.  I figured I need a water bucket outside the kitchen area (when I build that area up it will be full of various stuff for outside work) so I grabbed some toothpicks and glue and went nuts.  I dipped some crochet thread in some brown paint and washed it off a bit to make the twine to wrap around the bucket.  And I used one of the kit’s small buckets from the onsen spa to make the ladle to drink from and the lid I threw together with some small pieces of balsa.  Little varnish and done.
Cutting up some toothpicks....

...glueing them onto a plastic scoop for support till they dry.  Drying off the crochet thread for wrapping.

Finished water bucket.

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