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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Chapter 67 - Ceiling to Right Hand Room, Television, Chair

October 3rd - 6th 2013

Ceiling was straight forward - again just measuring and glueing the decoration across.  I drilled a hole and inserted a second light for this room seeing as I had ordered additional LEDs from Evan Designs.  That way I can add a bathroom light and one to the hallway as well.  I am still bummed that I lost a LED somewhere.  I think I lost it when I took it with me to the model store to ask for appropriate gauge wire - which they didn’t have.  Model stores here suck really.  Very limited amount of materials.  So, I ordered the extra wires off Evan Designs too this time.  Fool me once....
Measuring and glue the wooden strips.

Glueing the celing in place.  Always need a vice.
Finished Red Room.  Just need to decorate it.

Friggin TV antenna.  Had to glue and reglue it in place.
Variety show circa 1963!

The TV was a pain just like it was last time.  But I decided to make it look a little more 60’s-ish.  I painted the front red and added a pic of a variety show woman for the screen.  The antenna was a royal pain in the butt but eventually I forced it into place.
Using double sided tape to attach a green fabric strip to some light cardboard.
Had to do this strip twice as I ruined it durng construction of the chair.
To hold all the strips and fabric in place on the odly shaped sections of chair.

Finished TV and Comfy Chair.

The comfy chair was the same as last time.  Still, I had to redo the strip that covers the front since I had glued it on wrong and when I went to take it off, ripped it apart.  Not to worry.  I am very frugal.  Made sure I had paper and fabric to redo any mistakes.  I dirtied up this chair just like the other one using some old green eyeshadow and it will in fact go into the porch with its twin.  Looks like the bamboo bedroom is finally complete.  (...then again....)

Comfy chairs now in place on the Bamboo Room Porch.

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