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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chapter 68 - Floor and Back Wall of Left Hand Room Second Floor, Two Small Chairs and Seat Cushions Tutorial

October 7th - 8th 2013

Construction of the floor and back wall was very straight forward.  Just glueing and waiting.  The kit says to paint the back wall ochre but I wasn’t too keen on that.  So I made that wall beige and will probably make the side wall where the doors are an ochre color.  This room is to be the room with the grill in the middle of the floor.  So some cooking colors are pretty appropriate. 
Floor and Back Wall
The little chairs have been made so many times but I wasn’t sure if I every really gave many details so, here are some particulars.
Pieces to the Small Chairs
The wooden pieces are shown in the foto.  Their measurements are :
2 pieces 18mmx26mm (#7 in the foto)
2 pieces 25mmx23mm (#8 in the foto)
4 pieces in the shape #9 in the foto 30mm by 5mm at the thickest end
4 pieces in the shape #10 in the foto 30mm by 2mm by 3mm where the hump is

You just need to glue two piece #9 to the piece #7 to form the back of the chair.  Then two piece #10 to piece #8 to form the seat (the hump goes towards the back).  Then glue them together using the straight widest bottom edge of #9 as a reference to line up to the straight edge of the seat.  Once that’s done, just paint and varnish. 
Chair glued.  Be sure to line up the sides with a 1mm overhang
Painted and varnished chairs.

The cushions are quite easy as well.
Just take two pieces of lightweight material (cotton is best as it doesn’t look bulky) measuring 7cm by 4cm.  Apply strips of double sided tape as shown in the pic.  Use packaging materials (the kit came with that foamy stuff you use to wrap glass in) which are light and can be bulked up by layering (instead of having something too thick to start with).  Use one small square about 27mm by 22mm and one 30mm by 27mm.  Just one square slightly smaller than the other.  That way you have a sort of cushioned rise in the center area.  You can use tape to hold the two pieces together.  Fold the fabric in half creasing the tape and the fabric.  Tape the cushion material on the top half of the seat.  Cut away some fabric at the corners to allow for angling in the folds.  Remove the tape and fold over using the actual width of the tape (5mm) as a guide. 
Double sided tape on the fabric

Cushion material positioned, corners trimmed for folding.

Fold over the edges using the tape as a guide

Next step is to make the “tassels” that will be attached to the four corners of the seat cushion.  I am using red here because these cushions are going in the red Buddha room. 
Take a piece of cardboard 15mm wide and wrap around some thread (around 12 times for sewing thread size).  You can use DMC too so color selection is endless.  Glue the top and bottom edges of the thread by just spreading a little glue across the top.  Once dry, remove the thread from the cardboard by sliding it off or just cutting it down the middle.  The top and bottom will stay glued.  Use the exacto knife to cut thru the two bunches and create four small tassels.  Add some double sided tape to the inside of the cushions and apply the tassels to the four corners.  Close over the cushion and pinch the tassels into shape.  Using the same thread color, run one stitch through top to bottom (I made a small french knot on the top of the cushion) and secure on the other wrong side.  With all the tape inside, it’s not necessary to secure it excessively.
Wrap the thread round a small piece of cardboard

Snip it off from the cardboard then split each tassel into two tassels. (four per cushion)

Add tape to the edges on the inside

Attach the tassels to the corners of the taped area, then a french knot in the center to finish
Place your cushions on the little chairs by folding it a little so that the back tassels show through the back end of the chair.  Done.

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