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Friday, December 27, 2013

Chapter 75 - Back Wall to the Right Front Porch - Second Floor

 December 21st - 27th 2013

I had already opened the blister pack for this chapter to fish out a few pieces to install the bathroom previously so I had to pretty much remember what I had removed (I forgot to mark them). Anyway, I figured out which pieces were left over and installed some wooden slats on the underside of the two rooms.  If I remember, this will help in making the entire second floor fit onto the floor below it with some stability.
Slats to add stability to the entire floor.
Went thru the usual sanding and cleaning of the pieces then started painting the various parts.  Brown for the wooden beams and support, Buttermilk for the outside and white for the inside pieces. 
Next was weaving the small wooden sticks into what will eventually be the ranma or architectural wall above the shōji doors to the front porch.  These need to be glued and left overnite for drying. I then assembled the remaining pieces to create the back wall of the porch.  Some pieces needed lots of coaxing as usual since they don’t fit in well to the prefabricated slots but after some sanding and force fitting, it went fine.

Gluing the woven sticks.

Fitting the ranma
I decided to leave some pieces out since I preferred at this point to jump ahead and install both the sliding windows and the shōji before proceeding with the actual porch area.  Having done these porches before, it just seemed easier.  Onwards...

Leaving out pieces to better fit the windows and shōji.

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