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Friday, August 1, 2014

Chapter 88 - The Railings to the Left Side Second Floor Porch, The Shōji

1st August 2014

This chapter had the completion of the last of the shōji doors and the outside railings. 

The shōji went together as usual - quickly - now that I know how to do them.  I installed them (again, after discovering that I had glued in the top piece instead of just taping it in place - ouch - easy to remove tho) fairly easily and the upper piece didn’t even need any sanding this time either.  Must have been payback for all the previous times sanding my butt off.  Anyway, they slid into place, I added the final two on the inside and the holding piece.  Complete!

Last of the shōji.
View of the shōji backlit.  You can see the leaf watermark.
Next were the railings which I will not go thru again step by step as I already did them here recently.  Suffice to say that this time I painted the pieces before putting them together.  It meant that I had to gently hammer in some of the pieces into their corresponding slots (the paint caused the wood to swell just a fraction) but everything went together smoothly.  I then varnished them and glued them into place.  Now just the awnings.
Finished railings.
I had three of these boxes when I started.  These are all that's left of the kit's chapters!

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