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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chapter 92 - Left Side Part of the Roof Base

August 18th - 19th 2014

Next chapter was more gluing together the precut pieces.  Since it is like a giant puzzle at this point, I had to be very attentive in matching up the correct pieces as per the illustrations.  I couldn’t really imagine how this roof construction was going to be at this point.  So, just time to match up, glue and wait till the glue sets.
Next was also painting areas that were to be exposed once the roof was built...then waiting for that to dry.  The beauty is my computer is right next to my work table so I can navigate and check my mail while waiting for stuff to dry.
Painting sections.
The next part was inserting slotted front pieces together.  This was a total pain.  The slots were very tight so I had to sand them inside quite a bit.  Just when I thought we were done sanding for a while.  I had to do the same on the other side and hammer in the pieces.  I had a scrap piece of plywood and used that as a base with the 1kg weight (that I found a few days ago!) as a counterweight.  That way I could better hammer in the pieces into their respective slots.
Coaxing into the slots.
More hammering and coaxing...
Once done, I just had to install two “floor” panels.  If things progress this way, it looks like I may have a place to even install the batteries for the LED lighting.  But I won’t get ahead of myself. 
Floor panels.
One floor panel needed painting.

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