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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Intermediate Work: Lighting the Dollshouse Part 1

November 7th - 8th 2014

Ok, again, taking a little break from tiling.... I decided to light my dollshouse.

I was adding so many nice little things in the rooms but since the lighting hadn’t been completely installed yet, I decided to do something about it.  I purchased some LEDs from Evan Designs a long time ago as well as shrink tube and hook up wiring so I was pretty well stocked with materials.  I pulled out my soldering gun and even watched the LED installation video the Evan Design site for the best way to hook up groups of lights.  So...on with it!!
The first thing I had to do was to shorten some wires and strip them (using the soldering iron) then connect them.  I tried to connect the wires in groups as close as possible.  The left back middle and top room, the left back first floor room with the spa and entrance way.  I also found a hole in the Music room wall - I mast have planned to add another LED there but didn’t in the end.  Anyway, the back of the house is pretty messy with wires but I have a few ideas how to hide them (altho I am not sure they will work just yet...).  Anyway, having connected the wires into two groups, I then connected some lead wires to each group and brought both down to the bottom floor.  All the while double checking to be sure everything lit.  It did.  Once I got to the bottom, I connected the switch again and checked.....WOW!! With a fresh battery the house looks freaking great!!!  I was so astonished how cool it looked!  Now...on to the other side.
Wires cut, connected and held in place with a bit of tape, for now.
WOW! Hard to get a good picture but the effect was surpising!
The lamp that needed replacing...
I attached the top and bottom in the same manner I had already done to the left back.  I double checked the lights worked and then had to tackle the outside light in the external kitchen area.  My virtual friend Antonio(who by the way is doing a bird cage giveaway on his FaceBook page - all you have to do is like his page to be included!) who had given me an extra lamp but since it was set up for a different voltage, I had to replace that bulb with one of my LEDs (last one actually).  Thing was I had already glued it into place so I had to kind of rip it out. That went fairly quickly and I replaced the bulb with one of my own LEDs, then attached a longer wire to connect with the other lights for the right side of the house. 
I painted this wire black as there would be no where to really hide it (although I can carry it along the bottom of the house and hide the longest part with grass etc. later) but the wire that travels down the side of the pergola will remain exposed.  Whatever.  It is a kind of messy back of the house (of which the decoration of the back will be explained in a later chapter :-)).  I also added lots of tacky wax to the pergola top to reattach the roof.  I had been glueing it in place but now I decided to just wax it into place.  The wax holds up pretty well - almost as well as glue!  Next I connected the two wires from the right back side and the one hook up wire from the pergola lamp to the switch and voila! Let there be light!!  I did the same to the left back and gathered all the wires and batteries together to the back.  The tape is provisory till I get cracking on a way to hide all the damn wires.... But that will be coming later....
Top of the pergola - you can see where I tacky waxed the wire in place.
The back of the house somewhat cleaned up.
And here are a few preliminary pics of the house with its glorious lighting! I’m so pleased! It’s all just missing the damn roof.....sigh.
The house open.
Fire Pit room second floor.
Second Floor landing with Bathroom.

Buddha Room second floor.
Music Room first floor.
First Floor landing with phone booth.

The Bamboo Room first floor.
Onsen ground floor.
Entrance Hall ground floor.

Kitchen ground floor.
Storage area outside the kitchen - ground floor.
Outside of the house with lighting installed.

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