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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Additional Work: The Cabinet for the Buddha Room

Inspiration for the cabinet
February 7th - March 1st 2015

I still have a few more things I had planned to add to the house so I tackled the the space in the buddha room that I wanted to fill.  I had looked at so many cabinets (some quite beautiful had they been the right scale) and I just couldn’t find anything adaptable.  But while navigating some photos, I came across this one. 
Realistically it is a very small cabinet but I liked the idea of the decoupaged calligraphy and the aging.  So, I gathered all kinds of left over wood
and stock paper and went to work.
I measured out the size and found some of the printed off materials I had from the very beginning of the project.  The front drawers would be covered with scenes from an onsen and I liked the black and red motif.  So I used double sided tape and 1/4” masking tape to put the panels together to create the cabinet and drawers.  I just used the wooden cleats as handles and aged the entire cabinet using my usual old eye shadow colors.
Finished cabinet.
The final effect is quite nice.  Now I just want to find a few small objects to put on top of the cabinet! I am thinking still of the buddha theme.  But again, it needs to be very small.  I have a few ideas tho.....
Added to the buddha room.

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