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Friday, April 3, 2015

Additional Work: The Fire Wood and Tool Shed

 March 3rd - 5th, March 31st - April 3rd 2015

Around the time I was making the cabinet for the Buddha room, I was also beginning to build the wood shed.  I was doing it more or less to keep my mind (and hands) occupied as I was facing the imminent departure date at the end of the week to return to the states to visit my Mom.  Her health had worsened since my last visit and, in fact, this upcoming trip turned out to be the last.  She passed on the 11th March.  I am content to say that I was with her during her passing and I will sorely miss her voice.  As odd as it sounds, having lived far from her for so long, her voice is the one aspect that I remember most.  Gravelly yet always happy to receive my phone calls.  I miss her dearly.

So, upon my return home, I was happy that I had begun the little shed.  I was more focused and found finishing it and creating the woodpile that needed to be housed in it very therapeutic.  And so, here is what I did.

I managed to find a nice picture of a shed I liked.
Inspiration pic.

I also liked the roof structure the kit used to make the little sign stand.  So, again using lots of leftover pieces, I put the shed together.  I used some pieces of black card stock and the left over shingle sheets to make overlapping shingles on the roof piece. 

Making the roof supports.
Building the front.

Shingling the roof.
I then used my vinegar and rust stain to age the wood.  It’s pretty cool stuff as it ages the wood overnight.
Wood ageing
Next day and with the roof on.
Once dry, I got to work on cutting some branches into small logs.  I glued them onto a piece of wood so I can remove them as a whole if I want to change them one day.  I then added a little divider so that I could put a few buckets and garden utensils inside the shed.  I used a piece of sandpaper on that bottom of that side so I wouldn’t have to deal with the artificial grass or dirt under the shed.  I then pencilled in some nails and pierced each nail head with a needle to make them look more dimensional.   I also made a quick kindling basket (cutting up some coffee sticks to fill it).

Gluing the logs onto a base.
Fitting the logs inside the shed (divider in place).
Detail of "nails".
Finished shed with buckets, rake and basket of kindling.
The shed in place and the rake dirtied and aged. 

Of course I’m still not done with the back of the house.  More ideas and details to add to complete the backside of the house.  But I do love the little shed. 

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