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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Chapter 65 - The Second Floor Landing, The Kutsunugi-ishi

September 8th - 15th 2013

Well, after a long and much needed August holiday, I am back to work on the dollhouse.  I managed to spend some time with my parents in Maine as well as enjoying summertime on Little Sebago Lake with my family.  It was very nostalgic.

The next chapter was the construction of the second floor hallway landing.  I had already done this for the ground and first floor so it was pretty much a quick build.  The only thing was the time needed in between coats of paint, varnish and wax.  I also had to even out somewhat the right side since the piece of wood fairly thinner than the rest of the landing pieces.  I managed to slide in a few pieces of thin cardboard to even it out somewhat. 

Penciling in the floorboards.  Then cutting in the verticle lines.

Painting the floorboards. First coat of varnish on the larger piece.
After two coats of varnish and one of wax, polished and ready.

Evening out the right section with some extra paper for thickeness.

Clamped and drying time.

Adding the inside decorations to the stairwell.

 The kutsunugi-ishi or shoe stone was the same as the others more or less.  I wanted this one to have a little more brown and green highlights in it as well as appearing wet.  I don’t know why. I just liked the idea I guess.  Sort of like a moldy green damp stone. It actually does look that way.  But in reality it would just be polished.
First passage of colors, brown and dark grey.

Light addition of watered down green.

Completed with varnish and white sand.

Finished pavement and kutsunugi-ishi.

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