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Friday, October 17, 2014

Chapter 109 - Still Tiling

October 15th - 17th 2014

I skipped chapter 108 simply because it was just another set of armrests which I can do a little later.  Now that I’ve gotten into a rhythm for the tiling, I didn’t want to interrupt it.

First thing I did was to put a bunch of really bowed pieces into the jig for straightening.  The next day, I started installing the first rows of the the right side roof’s tiling.  Even after heating up the tile a bit, this one broke in three pieces.  It didn’t really matter since the breaks are always very clean and so I glued them in place after taking all the necessary measurements.  But the next tile, which would have to be bowed a bit in the opposite direction, I heated it and stuck it in the jig for a bit.  It did help.  Most helpful was just heating them and holding them in shape while I applied a layer of glue.  Then positioning and clamping or weighting them down.  And waiting.....

Straightening tiles.

Curving a tile.
Holding in place....
...all the way up.  Good thing I found these weights!
I did see pretty quick progress once I found my system.  So the front right was caught up to the same stage as the front left (less one tile which was defective).  I'm noticing spaces at the top which seem excessive but I can't know till I start attaching those sections of the roof.  So, I'll just trust the kit.

Completed chapter 109
And more tiling to come...

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