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Monday, October 20, 2014

Chapter 110 - More Tiling...

October 17 - 20th 2014

First thing again was to set up the tiles in the jig to straighten them out.  So I did that and left them in a few days.  Still, it helps but isn’t really a solution.

This chapter has me cutting and mounting tiles on the curved edges of the front left and back left eaves.  So it was pretty slow going.  I had lots of left over little bits and bobs from previous tiling so it was just a matter of matching up, trimming and sanding the pieces down, heating them, bending them and gluing in place.  Things went well for the front two areas to tile and I finished that fairly quickly without much pain or frustration (breakage or badly matching waves on the tiles).
Clamping tiles in place....waiting for glue to dry.
Finished front roof.  You can just see the split tile on the second row far right.
When I got to the back, it was a different story.  The left side first two rows went in fine.  I then had to put in two full tiles to arrive all the way over to the curved edge.  The first one went in fine but the second piece, no matter which tile I chose to try, the wavy shapes would not match up.  The only solution was to break a tile, sand down the valley of the wave, then continue on with more tiles matching up the waves as much as possible.  I can see where the valley section is shorter but I prefer this small defect than the waves not matching up all the way across the last four inches of roof.  I dug through the wastage pieces and found other tile waves that matched up for the last two small pieces on the far left and the back tile section was done as well. 
Top right is where I cut the tile to match the wave detail better.
Another split at the top right edge.  I'll live with it.
Finished back roof tiling.
I also discovered, during clean up, that the mask I am using is not working very well.  It’s just a regular work mask but even with the metal strip to snug it up around your nose it’s just not doing its job.  I found all kinds of grey dust around my nose and nostrils tonite (I had some particularly heavy sanding to do for the wave matchup sections) and this dust is really nasty.  I’ve even begun to wear a head scarf and tie my hair up or into my sweatshirt.  So, I’m going to go back to my original “ebola” mask.  I know ebola is not a funny subject but we have these medical masks in the house for when my husband gets a cold or some kind of cough.  I have a lousy immune system (years of anti-immune drugs for the MS) and as I had written a few months ago a cold for me can end up as pneumonia.  Anyway, I’m going to try the medical mask and see how much grey dust shows up during my cleaning routine. 
Ebola mask on the left, crappy mask on the right.
Oh....and summer is finally ending in Italy.  We have had very balmy weather until today.  I guess even though many complained of a crappy summer, I actually enjoyed not suffering in 38°C temps for a change.  Just hope that the winter will be less severe than normal too.
And last but not least....the next chapter WILL NOT HAVE TILING!  Oh joy and rapture!!!

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