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Monday, April 9, 2012

Chapter 38 - Right Side Wall of Right Hand Room of First Floor, Two Chairs

April 8 - 9th 2012

Well, after a bit of vacation, back to constructing our doll’s house.  I missed it. 

The chairs were the same as last time but I had found a small Japanese shop in Florence and bought a square of fabric there for around 7 euro.  I used this fabric for making the chair cushions as I wanted to have a green themed room.  Still working on the idea of having bamboo themed things in the bedroom.  So far so good.

The rest of the room construction was pretty standard.  Just choosing the colors for the walls.  Again, going with different greens and will keep the them all the way thru.  Luckily, I have on hand some paint colors which will make the room more interesting.  I had neglected to post the photo of the back wall in the last chapter.  I’ve decided to add an actual bamboo pic to the inside section of the back wall.  I figure that will be somewhat hidden anyway so the effect will be quite subtle.  I didn’t want to make the room full of gigantic bamboo images otherwise it would be overpowering.  But I think bamboo in this section will be effective.

I find as I got thru the construction more ideas come to mind.  I am already looking at gilding some of the furniture in this room and looking forward to the arrival of my LEDS so I can start lighting the insides.  Things are becoming more and more interesting and slower due to all this brain storming.  Fun stuff.

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