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Friday, April 13, 2012

Chapter 39 - Left Hand Wall to Right Hand Room, The Fusuma

April 10 - 12 2012

I had decided some time ago to make the internal part of the Fusuma an erotic ukiyo-e print and I did end up finding one that was not too over the top and had the green tones I was looking for.  After tweeking the resolution with my Mac, I managed to get a reasonable print and glued it to the wooden panels.  Course, there actually is a correct way these fusuma should be installed and I ended up gluing the the two halves so that if I open and close the door correctly, our loving couple ends ass over teakettle.  It was pretty funny but I decided to leave it as is. 
"Manner of Kitaga" by Utamaro
Found it easier to glue the rooms standing on end.

I also painted the last wall a yellow green trying to tie it into the bamboo color I am going to use in the rest of the room.  I’m hoping the room will be somewhat kitsch sexy yet not vulgar. 

The instructions call for actually assembling the three upper sections at this point but knowing what I had to go thru with the Tokonoma of the other room, I’ve decided to install that part then attach it to the upper landing.  In any case, I’m still waiting for my LEDs to arrive so I can install them thru the ceiling and floor of the first story.

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