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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Intermediate Work - LEDs, Fire In the Stove, Futon Bed and Bedding, Kitchen Decor

April 16 - 19th 2012

While listening to a Sox game last nite, I was thinking about how I could work on the bedding in the right hand room.  I have an idea of the actual cover and pillows but just laying them on the tatami didn’t seem right to me.  I liked the idea of having an actual futon frame.  So, with some leftover pieces of wood and some coffee stirrers, I managed to make a little futon frame.  Now at least the bedding will look more realistic sitting on top of it.  I made a little mattress from a foam piece left over from our iPad packaging.  While I was navigating, I stumbled across this site which had the most amazing roomboxes I have ever seen.  The most interesting aspect was how he manages to render pillows that drape.  I discovered that he does workshops and mentioned that he uses sand.  So, of course, out I went to get some fine grain sand (not beach sand - I figured that would eventually stain from the oils and dirt in the sand) so garden decorating sand. 

I decided that by using fine sand, I would have to use adhesive tape while making the bedding.  That way, grains would not escape the way they would if I had sewn the actual futon duvet.  I must say that it looks much nicer - it actually lays flat on the futon instead of sticking up on the sides or something.

In the meantime, my LEDs arrived.  First thing I did was drill a hole in the stove piece and install the lights there.  I think they look pretty good. I added a few pieces of painted wood and glued down the lights.  I wanted to be able to see the colors a little more so by covering the lights with wooden kindling I figured it would look a little more interesting.  I managed to install the stove in the kitchen front room and create a little back shelf to hide the wires and cell battery.  I glued the actual on/off switch to the wall as if it were an actual light switch.  It’s not so obvious so more than acceptable for me. 

Still need some knives, utensils and pots...

After printing off a bunch of mini boxes (soap and food stuff) from Jim’s Printable Page and Jen’s printables, I glued in a few items in the kitchen.  It just needs some utensils and we are at a good point!

I also managed to install some of the lighting into the ceilings and run wires along the back of the house.  I should have ordered extra wiring as the gauge wire I used for Gianluca’s trains is a bit big.  I will have to hit another hardware store to see if they carry a finer gauge.  But the lights fit perfectly and installation should be a breeze once I hook them all up. 

Top of the Spa

It seems the further I get along in the house build the more stuff I discover that sets me back.  Still, I don’t have a timetable.....

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