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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Chapter 40 - The Shōji of the First Floor Landing, The Dressing Table

April 13th - 15th 2012

The Shōji was very straight forward.  The instruction had you painting it brown but I liked the idea of it being black to go with the framework of the Fusuma on each side of the stairwell.  I am leaving out a few pieces on the back because I still have to somehow install lights and wires and until those are in, I don’t want to install the wooden decorations on the back where I plan to hide the wires.

The dressing table was a challenge because of the size.  So many tiny pieces.  I think the smallest by far.  You also had to cut up one piece into 3 smaller ones before assembling the table. 
Tiny bits and pieces cause big stress.
The instructions called for a few steps that were not necessary (like adhesive tape on the mirror that actually was already there) but the most difficult bit was bending the drawer handles.  I don’t know what kind of wire they decided to use but it was not very pliable at all.  In fact, I just couldn’t manage to get enough leverage to bend the smallest drawer’s handle.  Also, lining up the tiny metal rod which hitches the mirror to the stand was difficult.  Not only, but next time I will measure the distance myself as the instructions had me glueing the mirror holder too high and consequently, it doesn’t swing.  Next one will be fitted better now that I know. 

Don’t ask me the issue with putting a cloth over the mirror.  Maybe some kind of superstitious thing but have never seen anything similar. 
Stiffened fabric allows for folding it. But what's it for??? Shoji in the background looks great tho.

Completion of this chapter marks the 1/3 way thru point and nearly 3 months of work.  I think we just may complete this in less than 3 years time !

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