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Monday, January 23, 2012

Chapter 2 Wall of Vestibule (Oven, Front & Portico Wall)

January 20-21st 2012

This installment came with a little stove.  It had to be decorated to look burnt and dirty a little.  Plus it had three little pots that fit on top.  I decided to use some Model Acqua (model water) which we had bought for Gianluca to use on his model train set but he lost interest in decorating that and the water was never used.  So, I tried it with the little pots by filling some with some rice and model grass.

I figured it’d dry transparent and look like soup or something boiling in the pots.  I then made some little piles of coal to put into the stove openings.  Just some small gravel and glue to make them into a mass, then painting them black with highlights of red for the look of heated coals.

Putting together the first wall of the house was fairly easy.  Some of the pieces (n.11) tended to warp after applying glue but with my little clamps I was able to straighten them out.  It’s not like I put lots of glue, but the pieces warped.
I found the first error in the directions.  Step 20 neglected to tell you to glue piece n.10.  I found the extra piece and couldn’t see anywhere mentioned how to attach it but clearly it had to go in the upper door opening.  Luckily it slid in rather well and with the clamps and a little coaxing, it glued in fine.
Fake grass bits in the pots
The attachment of the door posts assembled in Chapter 1 was tight to the point that it didn’t need any glue.  But it did fit.
I’m seeing that it’s important to work a few steps ahead in case certain pieces do not slide in easily and then you’re pretty much screwed cause once this wood glue dries, the piece is not coming off.

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