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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chapter 3 Roof and Pavement of the Vestibule

January 21st 2012

I decided to make the pavement before starting on the roof simply because the pavement needed some time to dry to its platform (I used glue instead of double sided tape).
In making the rock pavement for the front, I painted it a blue grey, then wiped it down a bit and sponged in some brown that I’m using for the wooden accents.  It worked pretty well giving a stone effect.  While it dried, I worked on the roof.
The lattice work was easy enough until you get to the small ribbed pieces (n.1) that needed to be cut to size and inserted into the slats.  Since there is no way they were going to line up no matter how much prep you do, I just didn’t paint them, slipped them in as best as I could then painted them.  Once damp, they were eased into place with a small hammer.  Good enough!
Fitting the roof lattice work onto the original portico was a bit tight but also here no glue was necessary.  By taking off the posts on the top you can ease the roof into place.
This chapter was a bit challenging and I’m glad I had the small vices to grip pieces together when needed.
There was a lot of dead time in this chapter waiting for glue and paint to dry but I did the whole thing in an afternoon and then after dinner.

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