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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chapter 5 - Right Wall and Sliding door to the Kitchen, Tsuitate

January 24- 25th 2012

Absolutely nothing complicated about this chapter.  Lots of painting and waiting for it to dry (boring...)

The sliding door was easy then, after painting, the damn thing went nuts and warped out to the point that the seams all came apart.  I had to resort to my trusty vices and rubber bands again.  I left them over nite to be sure that they’d take without problems seeing as this is the sliding door to the kitchen and really set back a bit from the front of the house.

The walls were pretty easy to put together.  Needed to sand down quite a few pieces to fit into the wall.  Painting the walls again was just down time waiting for the paint to dry.

The Tsuitate, which I think is a little screen, was full of small parts but they all fit in fine.  I used a kind of grey color to give is an old antique look.  I think it is for the vestibule opening so kind of goes with my idea of a nice but somewhat run down house.

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