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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chapter 4 Kitchen Floor, Sliding door to Portico and Small Chair

January 23rd 2012

Finished dias on left and painted floor
This was a pretty fast chapter but a few annoying things like trying to paint the floor in an interesting way.  I couldn’t figure out what I likes as they suggested just splattering the floor but I figured a Japanese house would have an important kitchen floor like with big flagstones or something.  So I painted them in using paints and a marker.  I like it.  It’ll give some creepy depth to the kitchen - like the underworld - with that stove and all.

The door was pretty easy except that some pieces don’t quite match up. I had to cut down two pieces to make them fit and use an elastic band around the top to set it with glue (vices grips wouldn’t work here).   Surprisingly, it did slide in place altho a little loose.  I prefer that than so tight I have to sand down pieces to get them to slide in.

The kitchen floor dias needed to be penciled in then painted.  It was time consuming but when you have the right tools and tiny sewing measuring ruler it makes it easier.  It was a nice added effect cutting into the cross lines so that the paint would seep in better and show up more after varnishing (see above).  I’m pretty pleased so far and can’t wait to at least finish the Portico section.

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