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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chapter 6 - Back Wall and Kitchen Cupboard, Sliding door to Portico

January 25-28th 2012

Pretty daunting at first look ! So many tiny parts ! But gotta lay them out to be sure we have them all... So, I painted the back wall with white first.  This time I went directly to sponging in the uneven surface with my stencil sponge - it just didn’t seem necessary to have to paint then sponge over.   The white covers well enough.  While that was drying, I laid out all the parts.

I then separated out the cupboard part to do last.  All the wall “supports” needed painting so again, stained all of those and then went back to the wall to paint the external bit beige.  I left everything overnite to dry.  No sense in rushing.
I then set to glueing and then painting the 2/3 of the door pieces.  I was working in Florence this week so I just left that bit to dry again overnite.

You can see how much of the smallest pieces had to be sanded down
Overlaps that needed sanding too...
Next nite, I worked on piecing together the walls.  That was a bit tricky and I had to eventually give up all the hand sanding to the drumel.  Course that made quick work of any pieces which were not jigsawing in.  There were quite a few - even enough that didn’t quite match up on the bottom which, I assume, are going to need to be nice and even.  I eventually fit everything in and double checked the kitchen dias (from Chapter 4) against a few pieces to be sure I wasn’t going to have to sand again on some tight spots.
 The cupboard was pretty easy altho again, small pieces are quick to warp.  Painting them loosens the glue and then I have to re-glue and clamp them.  It was pretty tough getting the sliding doors to match up on top but in the end I power sanded a bit and it looks fine.  I decided to go with a beaten up cupboard look to go with the rustic flooring.  I’ve decided to stain the kitchen walls too with soot - I mean there is a massive coal and wood stove burning in there, right ?

Fun but long chapter...onwards...
Finished Part of Kitchen Wall, Final Sliding door and Lower Half of the Cupboard

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