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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chapter 54 - The Sills and Sliding Windows to Right Side Porch, A Table

September 2nd 2012

This installment went pretty quickly again because I had already done this assembly once before. 

Made two more sliding windows using the same method as the last chapter.  Then I added the sills which fit fairly well together.  Just a matter of penciling in the tile lines, varnishing with diluted varnish (so not shiney) and adding the underside beams.  Again, I am deciding whether or not to paint the ends of these beams with a little white or something to have them stand out.  Overall, I’m undecided to finish the exterior in a rustic manner or in a well cared for manner.  The inn is really not low class but I figure maybe middle class so I could add some worn out paint on the outside beams.  I would like to have some exposed brickwork on the sides too - like the cement finish is coming away from the building.  I will also have to decide whether or not pigeons would be causing damage under the eaves of the porch areas - and pooing.  I like the idea of the ryokan being in need of a bit of repairs.
Matching up the pencil lines for the sill tiles

Adding the platform beams - view from the top with the porch on its side

Adding the sills

Adding the small beams under the larger platform beams

You can see the windows in the works.  Little table with glue setting up

There was also a small table in this chapter which I painted a burnt sienna - sort of like 1950’s side tables.  I may even paint the legs black to give it an even more dated look.  Very cute in any case.
Little table, two more sliding windows, porch with the sills finished

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