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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Chapter 58 - The Ceiling to the Right Porch, the Sliding Windows

September 6 - 7th 2012

The ceiling was the same old installation.  As usual, the pieces to never fit to perfection so I had to coax and glue them in in some ares.  Overall it wasn’t that bad a fit.  Consider also that the external top of the ceiling is actually hidden when the porch (which is the “door” to the dollhouse) is in the closed position. 
Painting the pieces.
Spacing out the beams for the inside of the ceiling.
Glueing in the internal "wainscotting".
Positioning the ceiling....
...clamping it down into position with the wooden trim

As for the sliding windows (construction of which you’ve just seen recently), I had to actually insert them in “backwards”.  This porch area had me building a little against logic.  The other porch section went better because I actually had to install all the windows and shōji before I put in the railings.  That way I could manipulate the porch while installing the wooden window tracks and fixing the final pieces.  So, I ended up having to install the piece that fixes the last two sliding windows in place from inside the porch room.  Tight to work on since the shōji were already installed and I was afraid of damaging them.  Got everything in the end.  Where there is a will there’s a way.
Wooden piece, had to slide it in between the installed shoji and position it without glueing the actual sliding windows to it.  So far, all my windows and shoji slide !

Finished porch

Skipping chapter 58 as it has me putting on the awnings and I’d prefer to actually attach the porches first, then put on the awnings.

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