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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chapter 56a - The Shōji to the Right Porch First Floor

September 6th 2012

This next chapter had me starting on the stairs to the second floor.  Since I hadn’t even finished the porch areas, I decided to jump ahead and finish the two porch areas, get them attached and then circle back and attack the stairs.

So, in the chapter, I am only installing the shōji.  I realized before when I had screwed up the sliding windows that the sill was attached in a permanent manner.  This time, I was lucky because the two ends attaching the woven upper window spaces was not actually continuous and could be swung out to accommodate the back shōji.  The front ones just need to be placed on top then a long wooden piece is glued over the top to keep them in place. 
So lucky it actually could swing outwards.

The shoji just had to slide in.

I had also decided not to do the window within a window since I just wasn’t able to execute the last time the way I’d like to.  So, I’ve left the center shōji with the little window and the side ones without.  I don’t think it takes away from the overall look of the porch room.
Glueing up the wooden board that holds the other shoji screens in place.

Finished shoji. 
Skipping chapter 57 as it’s the installation of the stairs.  Will get to that later. I still have to attach the first and second floor to each other by supports on the back of the house.  Once that is done, then I can go back and start working on stairs.

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