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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chapter 55 - Railings to Right Side Porch First Floor, The Comfy Chair

September 3rd - 5th 2012

Started off with the Comfy chair since it was a new object to make and I had been thinking of how to change it a little.  I wanted it to have some upholstered look buttons on it but not on the seat.  I had drilled some holes hoping to be able to force the material thru it and simulate buttons (which I’d glue on).  So, after cutting and trying to get the material to stick (using adhesive tape and glue) I realised that this wasn’t going to work so well because the structure of the chair is all wood (even the seat and back) and just was too rigid to give a sort of soft comfy look.  The only thing to do was to put a little bit of stuffing into the backrest to take away from the wooden stiffness.  I had a pretty tough time getting the fabric to fold around the rounded edges.  But it eventually went in as best as I could manage.  I painted the legs with a little gold to simulate metal capped peg legs and added also a coffee ring on one of the arms.  I then used some old green eyeshadow to make the chair look used and “sat in” - just shading the seat, back and where someone’s head might lean. Not too shabby looking but looks used none-the-less.
The seat cushion is a piece of wood! Ouch!

Once covered, it looks like a cushion.

Some extra glue around the seat and back to keep the fabric attached.

Attaching the back to the seat. I had to hand drill open the holes a bit to allow the legs to fit.

Finished chair, coffee ring but too clean...

...some old eyeshadow in the right shade...

...did the trick.  Bit filthy.

The railings were pretty fast and easy since been there, done that.  I had to sand down some areas for the curve on the end of the railings.  Then just painted and varnished them up.  Ready to go !
Putting the railings together

Final pieces sanded with slight curve

Right hand porch nearly completed.

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