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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chapter 7 - Top Part of the Kitchen Cupboard and Basement floor of Vestibule

January 28 - 29th 2012

Very stressful - too many small pieces. 

Preparation for the Vestibule was no big deal.  The assembly of the cupboard was very stressful tho.  Lots of tiny pieces.  And then of course at the last moment of finishing, nothing ever fits in perfectly.

I ended up losing one of the cupboard drawer rings too.  Don’t know how as I am anally attentive so I don’t know where it ended up.  Since the cupboard is aged and is going in the beat up kitchen anyway, no big deal.  Still tho, I like to have all the pieces where they are supposed to go.

And yes, the doors do slide even if I had to fight to make them do so.

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