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Friday, July 4, 2014

Chapter 79 - Second Floor Landing Ceiling, Porch Sills, the Kutsunugi-ishi

July 2nd  - 4th 2014

Back to the build.
This chapter was completing the ceiling for the top floor landing and the sills that go along the outside of the porch.
The ceiling was usual straight forward painting, measuring the distances and gluing on the ceiling decorations.  I also made sure to drill a small hole where the bathroom light will go.  I have not glued the ceiling in place because first I have to mount the porches, then I have to attach the entire second floor to the first floor, and then I have to install the stairs.  So for now, the ceiling is just resting in place.
Gluing the ceiling pieces and painting the sill pieces.
Measuring out the placement of the ceiling decoration.
Ceiling decor finished.
Ceiling in place.
The next step was installing the sills.  The sills come in two parts. The base sill and the shingle like covering.  Installing the under still showed the badly fitted corner to the porch (from a previous chapter, I was unable to precisely match up the left side) so now, attaching the sills there was a bit of sanding to fit the bottoms on.  I fitted the tops by leaving a millimeter or two space where needed and fitting as best as possible.  After a light varnishing, I then glue the  bottom “supports” into place and the sills were done.
Gluing the upper sills in place.
Gluing the supports in place.
Finally, the last part was the kutsunugi-ishi or the stepping stone.  I used the same method as the pervious stones (four total) and painted the stone more greyish this time.  I added the sand and varnished the stone and with that, this chapter was complete. 
Sills and kutsunugi-ishi finished.

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