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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Chapter 84 - The Walls, Floor and Shōji to the Second Floor Left Side Porch

 July 22nd - July 23rd 2014

After checking to be sure I had all the parts, I put together the shōji doors.  I added some extra vertical pieces on the bottom panel because honestly they were a bit boring.  I then cut four shōji panels (as I knew I’d need two more later anyway) and glued them to the back.  I put them aside for when they would be installed.

In the meantime, I had to paint all the beam and timber decoration pieces with burnt umber and the outside walls Buttermilk and let them dry.  Once that was done, I applied some oriental style paper I had found.  It’s like lightweight wrapping paper.  I don’t think it’s washi but I can’t remember if I bought it at Ajisai or not.  Anyway, I like the cream color (hence I had painted everything in the irori pit room buttermilk) and the little pots and symbols floating around.  It reminded me of kitschy 50’s wallpaper.  I think it’s very appropriate.
Painting the outside wooden decorations and the walls.  Finished shōji.
Wallpapered internal walls.
Once those pieces were papered, I could install them onto the porch back.  As usual, sanding was required, mostly on the right side as the piece needed to be sanding practically down to 2mm (you can still see a bit where the edge is not clean). 
Area which was difficult to insert (power sanding)
I then had to position the front porch piece and clamp it into place to be sure the bottom was square.  I had to do the same for the top front panel as well since the left side was slightly warped inward.  So, just time lost for glue drying and reclamping.  Later I was able to glue on the decorative external pieces and the internal ones that cover up the edges.  This porch has two tatami for a floor so there was a small ledge as well that needed installing.  I actually like it as I may use the area with pillows and what not for a resting.  Even if there is a fire pit in the room, I would still need a sleeping space. 
Angle shows the different pieces that cover the walls and corners
Finished shōji and the tatami in place.

Porch section added and finished shōji.

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