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Friday, July 25, 2014

Chapter 86 - The Porch Sills, The Sliding Windows to the Left Side Second Floor Porch, A Small Table

July 25th 2014

I started by painting the necessary sills brown (I also painted the window pieces brown this time before gluing - mostly because I was dipping into the brown anyway so I just figured I’d paint them now).  While those pieces dried, I worked on penciling in the spaces on the upper sills.  I installed the lower sills which needed some sanding to fit but eventually went into place.  After I installed the upper sills and glued them in.
The underside beams were then installed as were the filler pieces (see previous chapters).  I then glued together the sliding window pieces (slitting in half the double sided tape this time to make trimming easier) and the window panes.
Next was the small table.  I glued together the pieces and used some pieces of wood as a spacer  for gluing in the cross sections under the table.  I painted it black and varnished it and the upper sills.  Looking at it now, it would make a perfect bonsai table.
Underside of the porch with support beams.

Little black table and upper and lower sills installed.
They are not in the picture, but I made two sliding windows as well.  They were put aside till te next chapter.
Chapter 86, done.  Ok, so you can tell that today was a really slow day in real life. 

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