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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chapter 41 - The Tatami and Finishings for the Right Hand First Floor Room

April 26 - May 3rd 2012

The hated tatamis.  But we need 6 of them to lay down flooring in the bedroom.  I discovered that the tatami tends to pull away from the wood (bi-adhesive tape isn’t enough) so now I’ve turned to super glue for attaching the tatami and the black fabric trim.  To give you an idea of time, I started the dreaded tatamis on the 26th, and finished them on 2nd May !! Mostly also because I came down with a super nasty cold and was sick for almost a week (and still am coughing as I write).  The dreaded tatamis did not help either.  I found also that gluing altho better wasn’t easier.  I had to leave things to dry before folding and finishing the black fabric sections.  Also, the kit gave smaller pieces this time around so not all folded perfectly around the tatami mat to the underside.  But seeing as this part is virtually invisible, it really didn’t matter much.
Tatami number 6 still in the vice.  What a pain!
The rest of the pieces were the usual sanding and fitting wooden slated embellishments.  They all fit in pretty well as did the dias piece which evens out the floor once the tatamis are in.

I still have a few more parts to add to this room before I permanently attach it to the rest of the floor.  I think the bamboo wallpaper is quite successful.  More bamboo to come! (But hopefully no tatamis for a while.)
Bottom floor kitchen and extension, top floor bedroom nearing completion.

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