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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chapter 46 - Walls, Floor and Shōji to Left Front Porch Area

May 18 - 20th 2012

More painting and prepping.  The floor was the same as the other simulated hard wood floors.  Just measuring out and drawing straight lines across the wood, cutting with a utility knife vertically to simulate the floor junction, then just staining and varnishing it over to give it the wood floor look.  I decided to make the wood slats a little bigger than the vestibule and the first floor landing - like a different wood floor - just to give a little different look to the porch area.  The porch walls were easily installed and the most time consuming is always the window frames and shōji.  Just to glue them and make sure the glue takes before attaching the rice paper.  I had contemplated using some rice paper with a design on it but in the end, just for the first room, I am using the regular white paper.
Porch Area and first two of four shoji

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