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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chapter 49 - The Sills and Sliding Windows to the Left Porch Extension, the Kutsunugi-ishi

29 - 30th May 2012

I immediately put together and stained the sliding windows.  Since I had already done quite a few, they went together quickly.

The sills needed staining so while they dried, I put together the shoe cleaning stone or Kutsunugi-ishi.  I made this one with white stones instead of sand since I liked the look better.  Left it overnite for complete drying to be sure the stones would stay put.

I also managed to trim and rework the fern plant so that it would fit in the corner.  Now that it is there, I like it.  I had to unattached the ceiling and the bannister to fit it in (and reglue leaves that fell off again...) but overall it looks cute in the corner.  The finished landing looks pretty nice.

The reworked tree and the Kutsunugi-ishi on the right
The sills required some sanding and positioning but luckily, at least this set, went in no problem.  The top section of the sill was just penciled in lines to give the effect of an outdoor terrace floor.  The wooden beam-like detail underneath was a nice touch.  I am thinking of painting also these with white but will wait till I see the overall look.  I still have to install some kind of terrace railing out there.

The sliding door area needed aggressive sanding as I had predicted.  Since the bottom piece installed in the last chapter was a tight fit and didn’t slide all the way down.  So adjustment was made and the window sections finally slid into place. 

You can see the beam details under the terrace floor

With this chapter completed, I have actually finished one of two and half books that I made for the construction of the dollhouse.  As each edition of the kit arrived, I removed the instructions and made books of them.  That way, I was sure to know what came next.  It was a good thing too because I have noticed that some pages are mis-numbered.  I numbered the kit sets too to be sure I had them in order and could find the chapters while working.  I must say, my prep work saved me a lot of time and has pretty much sped up construction.

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