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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Chapter 43 - The Telephone Booth, the Kakejiku (Gohnzon)

Cutting up a freebie calander
May 9 - 12th 2012

First thing I had to cut up a paper calendar which had the slats I wanted for the wall hanging (Kakejiku).  I also printed off the Gohnzon (there are many versions and I will probably make another one for another room) in smaller scale to fit the hanging.  I think it looks very cute.  Once I have some oranges, a bowl with fake water, a bonsai tree, an incense dish and a ceramic “bell” to sit on a small pillow, then the alter will be complete.  But one thing at a time.
Just need to install the light source and finish the alter

I toned down the LED by painting it a bit. Here it's too bright.

The phone booth is on the first floor landing.  Staining and glossing and glueing were straight forward.  I was thinking of putting some paper in there where people would write when they are on the phone or better, on the wall, but I can’t write kanji.  I also was puttubg a LED in there so I had to mark out where the hole would go because there is also a small phone that needs to be installed in there.  I ended up dimming it down a bit because it was too bright.  Looks better dimmed and "seedier".  Like a real boarding house phone booth.

Once I completed the phone booth I realized that it would be easier to install the mini phone now before I put on the roof rather than after.  Also because the LED is now installed so I figured I’d use the bi-adhesive tape to put the roof on the booth.  That way, if/when the LED needs to be replaced it won’t be so risky pulling off the roof.  So, I jumped to Chapter 47 to grab all the phone parts.  That was no big deal and after resealing the blister pack to Chapter 47, I started putting the little phone together.

Again, like the geta shoes, this one was a real test in patience  There were lots of tiny pieces but the worse were the golden nail tips that would double as phone bells.  I had to cut off the tips from nails.  Got the whole phone put together and was in the phase of putting the finishing deals including the nail tips and thought “crap, if I drop this thing I’ll never find it...”  So, of course, I promptly dropped it.  Frustrated by the fact that I couldn’t find it, I had to figure out a new way to simulate the bells.  I took a break (had to make a small necklace for a communion present for a friend’s daughter) and by the time I came back I was ready to finish the phone.  One last look around and “eureka”! On the floor was the lost nail head.  So, finishing glueing it together and mounted it into the phone booth.  I added a little Hokusai picture in the booth too.  Like postcards or something on the wall.  Anyway, the door swings no problem and the LED looks good.

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