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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chapter 44 - Wooden Overhang to Right Hand Room Entrance, Ceiling to First Floor Landing

May 13 - 15th 2012

Ikkyu Hell Maiden - Yoshitoshi
Before I put the ceiling on the landing area, I wanted to add a wall decoration to the back.  Mostly also because I think that the decoration in the kit is stuff I can use eventually in a garden space outside the house so I prefer to decorate the walls with objects for internal furnishings.  So, I made another Kakejiku.  This one just had a woodblock print on it with no religious meanings.  It’s from a Yoshitoshi series of prints.  He is one of my favorites as he treats life and death themes with a wonderful sense of humor.  I believe this one is called “Ikkyu Hell Maiden”.  Fun stuff.

Building the overhang and ceiling was pretty usual.  Of course, we will have to see how it fits with the rest of the staircase once that part of the build takes place.  The overhang had to be cut a lot to size because of the small decorative pieces that get inserted onto the roof.  Under there is a small bamboo support.  There were instructions to trim the inside edge but it seemed to fit fine to me so I didn’t end up trimming anything.  I left it overnite for a secure fit and then added the bamboo support.

The ceiling required the usual measuring and spacing and this time the stairwell slats were cut correctly so no re-cutting and fitting like the ceiling to the vestibule.  Just some slight sanding in the back part of the stairwell and the ceiling slid into place.  For now I’m not glueing it as it seems to sit snugly without glue.  I think it looks pretty successful already even before I add the staircase in there.  I realized tho that during the build the house is getting pretty dusty.  I bought a little USB vacuum and it works pretty good except the cord is a bit short.  Oh well, will have to figure out a way to vacuum the house somehow! I hate vacuuming my own house let alone a mini one.
The ceiling installed, the overhang on the right, the dimmed bulb in the booth.

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