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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chapter 45 - Front Wall and Sliding Windows to Front Left Porch Area First Floor

May 16 - 17th 2012

The next chapter tackles the front porch area which will also be the hinged facade for the upper floors of the house.  These have been stylized into a sort of porch which will cover both the room and half of the first floor landing.  They will be independent of the bottom hinged roomboxes so you can open specific rooms for viewing.  Course, precise fitting will be necessary to be sure they will slide open without being hindered by the below floor’s roofing.  We shall see.

There was lots of painting and sanding for this one.  Once that was completed, I started putting together the window details (the ranma).  I had to weave a few thin pieces of cane which required some clamping and waiting till the superglue took. 

The rest of the wall was basically patient assembly following the instructions carefully since so many pieces were similar.  I had to custom fit a few pieces but nothing major since the final pieces fit in perfectly.  There were sections that they had as no glue areas but I decided to use some bi-adhesive just in case the areas became loose during additional installation of the porch area.
The ranma with woven canes

Part A of door/porch area is complete.  You can even see the wall hanging thru the clear windows.

How the door will eventually fit.

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