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Monday, May 28, 2012

Chapter 48 - The Ceiling and the Sliding Windows to the Left Porch Extension, The Little Indoor Garden

May 24 - 28th 2012

Luckily, the ceiling fit perfectly into place.  The only problem was piece number 5 which was supposed to be flush on both sides and ended up needing sanding to remove a lip section which would have fit on the ceiling on the other side.  Just coaxing and it all fit together perfectly.  Piece 6 needed sanding to fit into place (bottom section of where the sliding windows would fit) since it was so tight.  When the top piece is fitted, it will need some extra sanding to be sure the windows slide smoothly. 

The first two of four windows was the usual also.  The plastic “glass” needed trimming since it was too large for the windows.  Painting and using the bi-adhesive tape does the trick for fitting the glass.

The little garden is supposed to be for the corner of the first floor landing but I have my wall painting there so I don’t think it will actually look good there.  It came with a little wooden base that needed whittling to make it appear to be a stone covered mound. 
The leaves were printed on green paper that needed to be cut out one by one.  I didn’t do them all together but over two nites.  I also decided to cut out a few yellow ones from construction paper because I figured I’d add those at the bottom like the plant was yellowing or loosing some of it’s leaves.  I also had to locate some florists tape.  I knew I had some in the house somewhere when we were doing classes in Biedermeier arrangements so after locating that, I was able to twist the wires and cover the ends with this tape.  I think it looks cleaner rather than just twisted wires.
Even if the instructions had you wait till the end to glue on the gravel and small stones, I figured it would be easier to do it now and also glue in tighter the wired trunks.  So, with that done, I then proceeded to attach all the little leaves. 
I glued the yellow ones towards the bottom then had to wait for the leaves to dry since it would have been dangerous to manipulate the trees while the leaves were still fragile.  A diluted hand of gloss varnish and the tree garden was completed.

Ceiling section, bottom of sliding windows, fern tree.

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