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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chapter 50 - Railings to the Left Porch Extension

May 30 - 31st 2012

It's in the details.
The parts were many and all for a series of railings for outside the porch.  Some pieces didn’t really fit all that well but being so tiny and with painting them then glossing them, you really can’t see much of a difference.

Again, I am convinced that the beauty of this kit is in the details.  They could have easily had a simple railing set up outside the windows but instead, they followed Japanese architecture and came up with railings with nice little curved details on the ends.  As time goes by, these chapters are becoming repetitive somewhat because they are more or less the same room structures or windows but adding in a color here and an adjustment there makes it more interesting. 
Left Porch completed.  Just need to attach it.
Looking forward to getting to the 2nd floor!  But first, we have to complete the right porch....

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