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Friday, March 2, 2012

Chapter 28 - Right Wall to First Floor Room, The Fusuma

March 1 -  2nd 2012

Painted the last wall to the left hand room and attached the wooden slats where necessary.  I decided to actually put the door frame together before glueing it to the existing other section of room.  It was a good idea because some of the trim was a tight fit and I had to hammer it in place.  Glued it up to the existing room piece and overnite for drying, as usual.

The next step were the Fusuma or the sliding doors to the bedroom.  They give you the possibility to paint on some plain pieces which were provided but I figured I could probably download and print off some nice Fusuma designs.  So, I’ll save that for one of the other rooms.  Right now I just felt like installing these as per their instructions. 

The door frames didn’t quite fit up with the internal section of the door but after adding the paper and painting it black, it was pretty easy to glue them in or re-glue the lower section to fit the door.  There was lots of sanding to do on the upper portion slide section as it was pretty tight getting in there but it fit eventually and everything glued into place.


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